Digital Original

Morphing the physical and digital worlds one project at a time.


Benefits of working with Digital Original:

  1. At Digital Original, we focus on each person, each project as an individual; we will fine tune our work to meet your needs and goals.

  2. Created during the 2020 pandemic, Digital Original knows the importance of creating an online presence and taking care of your business and yourself.

  3. Digital Original has been fine-tuning all things to do with the Dementia Calendars and Remote (TV) Control for over a year.

  4. We are rooting for you.

Woman lead, Digital Original's Founder is proud to have her work backed by two degrees: Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies from Carleton University as well as a Master of Digital Media from Ryerson University. Furthermore, she is pleased to say that she is continuing her education with online courses at Harvard University. Riley's passion for the services and products she provide came from an urge to help. For example, her Dementia Calendar began as a project for her Grandmother (pictured below). Digital Original is morphing the digital and physical realms together. It is for these reasons that she chose digital media; because no organization, no one can progress without a solid understanding of the impact of digitization.

Want to learn more about our services or products? Please feel free to book a free, thirty-minute consultation or to find out more on our services and products page. We would be happy to discuss anything that ranges from how digital media impacts the modern world to what our services and products entail.

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Please also feel free to email us at riley@digital or by phone at (825) 807-7006. We look forward to speaking with you.