The Beginning of a Wonderful Relationship

Beginning work with someone, particularly when that person is working with your business and loved ones, takes trust; trust that cannot be expected. Rather, it must be earned. That is why, Digital Original's first blog, written by Riley Cooper (our Founder and CEO) was created in the hopes of fostering an open and honest conversation.

Disclaimer: All views expressed come solely from the experiences of the author. Furthermore, all images and content belong solely to Digital Original Inc.


As previously mentioned, my name is Riley Cooper and I am the Founder and CEO of Digital Original.

Creating Digital Original has been one of the most gratifying and simultaneously terrifying experiences of my life. Despite the fear, I have created this business with the intention of helping others.

I created the Memory-Loss Calendars and the Remote (TV) Control for my Grandma. My first LinkedIn Vlog was made for my Dad to interact remotely with potential clients. The IT help I offer was inspired by my Mom who has tackled teaching online since Covid first came into our lives.