The Beginning of a Wonderful Relationship

Beginning work with someone, particularly when that person is working with your business and loved ones, takes trust; trust that cannot be expected. Rather, it must be earned. That is why, Digital Original's first blog, written by Riley Cooper (our Founder and CEO) was created in the hopes of fostering an open and honest conversation.

Disclaimer: All views expressed come solely from the experiences of the author. Furthermore, all images and content belong solely to Digital Original Inc.


As previously mentioned, my name is Riley Cooper and I am the Founder and CEO of Digital Original.

Creating Digital Original has been one of the most gratifying and simultaneously terrifying experiences of my life. Despite the fear, I have created this business with the intention of helping others.

I created the Memory-Loss Calendars and the Remote (TV) Control for my Grandma. My first LinkedIn Vlog was made for my Dad to interact remotely with potential clients. The IT help I offer was inspired by my Mom who has tackled teaching online since Covid first came into our lives.

My family is a huge inspiration to what I do and I am grateful for what they have given me.

My Grandmother (pictured above) and I have always had a close relationship. For the past four years, I have called her at least once a week. Over the last couple of years, however, as her memory has become a topic more at the forefront, our conversations have changed.

A little over a year ago, I began making calendars for her. These calendars were created with the intention of giving her a sense of independence and comfort when she wasn't too sure what to expect. Each day, she has a separate page from the last which outlines what may occur throughout it. Over time, it has evolved into what I call the Memory-Loss Calendars. Now, having had the opportunity to work with others, I have fine-tuned the calendars to meet the needs of those living with memory-loss.

My newest memory-loss related product, the Remote (TV) Control is what has really saved my family, as my grandma has been isolated for the duration of Covid.

Last Summer, my Grandma was struggling with her remote control; not fully recognizing how to turn the volume up or down, or how to change the input. That's when I created a system that allows me to control her television no matter where I am. I can change the channels, put on movies, turn the volume up or down... essentially anything. Without it, we would feel lost. While my Grandma can absolutely still control it herself if she chooses to, I am able to put on the news for her, or live sports events; whatever she wishes.

Being able to help my Grandma like this has brought me more joy than can be expressed. Even if I am at home in Calgary, or at school in Toronto or Ottawa, I can help her at her home in Vancouver.

So as to not spend too much time on the products, I would like to offer some information about me:

  1. I go by my middle name, Riley, so you'll often see me sign my name, "E. Riley Cooper".

  2. I grew up in Calgary, and was born in Brandon, Manitoba.

  3. My love for Broadway and musicals knows no bounds.

  4. Most of my weekends are spent in the mountains or elsewhere in nature.

  5. I did my undergrad at Carleton University, and my masters at Ryerson University. Despite having lived in two other major cities, the nature Calgary has to offer is unmatched, in my opinion.

This is simply the first of many blogs to come from Digital Original. As it is the first, I wanted to give you an inside look into who you will be working with, and what inspires me.

I hope you have a great day, are staying well, and I thank you for your time.